Heart of Fire

21 September
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I am me. The name is Tolkien's Elven. Ind is a root word meaning Heart. Nor is taken from the root Nár and means fire. Together the name means Heart Of Fire. Which, reflects what I feel my destiny in this life to include. Which, is funny, because my element (according to astrology) is Earth, but, I've always felt like fire more reflected who I am.

This journal will be a lot of ramblings. This is, after all, a journal. Read at your own risk, I hold myself not liable for any mental or physical suffering from reading my ramblings. I am friends only, due to unpleasantness in early 2011. I enjoy meeting new people, especially ones who share similar interests, so feel free to befriend me. However, be aware that I will want to know at least a little about you before I add you back.

I frequently write poetry. As of this writing (end of 2012) it is my primary hobby. I spend a lot of time on the weekends curled in bed reading novels. Sometimes I put the novel down and read college psychology textbooks. I have a history of drug abuse, I ceased in early 2011. In mid 2012 I picked up alcohol again, and have been controlling it well. I am also prescribed several drugs, to ease a medical defect in my body's development, and will likely remain on them for the rest of my life, although they are not intoxicating.

I am a quiet and shy girl. Quite neurotic and slightly crazy. I love horror, deviant mindsets, blood and all things unnatural. I am a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, and have been a cutter. I consider myself a goth, I have not much dressed the part in about two years, but, in my core, that is who I am. Not to mention, the music is by far the most pleasant style of music I've ever come across (except maybe Tchaikovsky). I love body modifications, and in addition to the many piercings and several tattoos, I believe I'm the first girl in Alaska to have her tongue split. I am also a lesbian, and I have very much enjoyed playing with my girls with my split tongue. I don't always articulate myself like I want to, that's due to a genetic trait that I recently found out displays itself in several ways with many of my relatives on my mothers side. My mild dyslexia stems from that too. I am in some ways naive, or maybe simple minded is a better word. But don't let that confuse you, I am also very intelligent and highly skilled in pretty much whatever I put my mind to learning.

And, I think, that intro will do for now.